Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Cant the Whole World Speak English?

...This is a question I've asked myself a couple times since we've gotten here (about noon yesterday). I think I have it down to a science though! If you can say "scht-" "-ijst" "-aggen" and produce phlem every other word, you've pretty much summed up the language! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers! We made it!

Getting used to the time schedule change has been fairly easy, so we have that down. Alex, a guy who worked at the rental office, gave us a grand tour of our nice 3-story flat. But don't let the whole "3-story" thing trick you. The place isn't small, but it's not huge either. And, it's not easy having only one full bathroom! On top of that, all the European appliance handbooks are in Dutch! I know I was thinking that since English is the second language, more things would be in English. Looks like I was wrong. Despite minor complications, we're pretty happy with everything though, but we're still figuring things out.

It's been interesting getting acclamated! Having come here with a box of oreos and some cheesey crackers, we figured we should probably go grocery shopping. We went to "one of the biggest grocery stores in town!" It was half the size of a Walgreens... But hey, this is Europe. We then went to eat at a fancy-schmancy Chinese restaurant- very European, I know. When we came back, we did some housekeeping, and went to bed. It'd been a long day.

Today we walked to TU/e (Technology University, Eindhoven), and saw my dad's new office. Thankfully, the flat is near the City Centrum (center) and the university itself.

Katie and I are working hard to catch up with school. It's been rough, but we should be caught up by Monday. I also skyped my first class today. It went well!

Thanks again for all the prayers, keep them coming!