Thursday, February 9, 2012

Out & About

This past Sunday, my dad decided it'd be good for us all of us to get out of the house. It'd been five days or so since Katie and I had left the apartment, so we were definitely willing to let ourselves be forced out of our bum-clothes to get some walking energy into our under-used legs.

We bundled up and started off to brave the cold.. It had just recently snowed four fluffy inches of snow. Of course, we didn't bring any snow appeasing shoes. We were walking and praying our feet didnt fall off due to the wet & cold. We made it though, and went to our first museum here- the DAF museum. DAF is a car/truck/engine company known regionally in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. I don't know if it was just me, but I was disappointed that I never saw any sign of Daffy Duck there. Oh well. It was a very cool museum! Very well put together and fancy- as far as museums go. We enjoyed looking at all the 50s- early 70s vintage cars! Mom fell in love with a few, and Katie, with her obsession of all things auto, was in Seventh Heaven. They also had some vintage service vehicles! They had a silent film playing in a theater that was under the cafeteria. The whole experience was very neat. We have 5 pictures attached of us there :)

When we left the museum we decided that blood sugars' were dropping, bodies were beginning to freeze, and getting warm food was becoming imperative. We headed downtown to do some explorin'. We ended up going to the mall and getting my mom a charm bracelet to start off her collection of charms per country. Afterwards, we went to a McDonald's (so European) and all got fries and coke to carry us to dinner. Well, the snack was just right to tide us over until an hour and a half later when we dug into some tapas! (also very European).. It was wonderful. We ate till we couldn't manage another bite, and then started the walk back home.

The whole day was fun. We got to see some very interesting things, eat some very delish food, and have a great family day.

Sidenote: While upon leaving theDAF museum, we met another American (YAY!) He's an electrical engineer and works for the American part of the Company in Eindhoven. He has family in Indiana too. Oh what a small world. He gave us some pointers on the city. Now we know where to rent bikes! Whoo! I cannot wait for spring...

 ^^ Dad, Katie, and I posing in front of a one-seater car. It was used in a circus in the 50s

^^Katie using the computer to control the position of a statue outside

^^Katie's Singing in the Rain pose

^^My Singing in the Rain pose

^^Bre and Scott, is this the car I can drive?